Lock That Lid: Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Reviewed

Last Updated: 21st August 2020

It’s an age old problem – you arrive at your destination, but you really don’t want to be lugging your lid around whilst you go about your business.

You can’t just leave it on top of your seat, someone could make off with it, or knock it off and damage it.

Many bikes have a loop under the seat to put your helmet strap through, but they’re not incredibly secure.

Some bikes have a top box that will take a helmet – but what if you don’t have one and still need a reasonably secure way of affixing your lid to your bike when you’re not with it?

The answer is simple, get a  helmet lock.

Read on for our recommendations…

Our Top Pick

Oxford Padlock

Cheap, simple, effective

The Oxford Special padlock  offers decent security for helmets and jackets, at a great price.

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Most Secure

Stanley 4 Carabiner

Tough and well designed

You don’t want something that feels it can be yanked apart with one tug – this Stanley Carabiner Lock is seriously secure.

Unfortunately it is also by far the most expensive.

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What kind of locks are available?

In general they come in two styles, mainly to do with the locking mechanism.

  • Combination locks
  • Padlocks with keys

Locks with a key are generally more sturdy, but a determined thief would be able to get through either – truly the only real way of guaranteeing your lid’s safety is to carry it with you.

How do they work?

You use a motorcycle helmet lock by either looping it around the frame of your bike and then through the jaw guard or D-ring strap of your helmet.

Or, if there is an extendable flex, you can then connect it to a pole or bike rack for a bit of added security – even going through loops in jackets or bags, if you’ve got the room.


Fortunately this is another motorcycle accessory that’s easy and inexpensive to buy and fit yourself.

Some of the higher end locks can be pricey but most can be had for under £30 quid.

Security Level

These types of locks are, in the main, pretty flimsy, they are designed to prevent the opportunist thief not the determined scumbag.

Think of them as a practical, easy to carry deterrent to be used for lower end helmets and gear.

If you want to learn more about keeping your bike and gear safe read this post about motorcycle security.

Top Motorcycle Helmet Locks Reviewed

These are our top six locks to suit every rider.

Oxford special padlock for helmets

Light, aluminium carabiner style-lock with a special T-Bar designed for helmets with quick release buckle.

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plus iconComes with extra coiled cable for clothing

plus iconA good, mid-range price

plus iconLooks smart


minus icon Some reports of poor build quality

minus icon Rubber on lock doesn’t have total cover – leaving your bike at risk of scratching

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STANLEY 4 Digit Carabiner Lock

A four-digit lock that has multiple uses, not just for bikes – think buggies, tents and even skis or snowboards.

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plus iconLooks chunky enough to deter thieves

plus iconLightweight yet a solid construction


minus icon Not immediately clear how to set the combination

minus icon Far and away the most expensive lock on the list

minus icon Included cable isn’t very long

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Bike It Handlebar Helmet Lock

A key-based lock that’s perfect to attach to a rear grab-handle or even your handlebars making it really convenient in terms of placement.

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bike-it helmet lock


plus iconKey lock is nice and sturdy

plus iconHas a low profile

plus iconEasy to install


minus icon Yet another key to carry around

minus icon Have to keep on top of rust around the lock

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Held Helmet Buddy Combination Lock

A combination carabiner lock that’s perfect for a quick trip to the shops and should always live in your pocket just in case

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Held helmet buddy


plus iconLooks stylish

plus iconEasy to set the combination


minus icon A determined thief will get through without much effort

minus icon Only really usable on helmets – not jackets or anything bigger

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Oxford OF211 Lid Locker

A useful all-in-one solution that will not only keep your lid secure, but also covered and (hopefully) dry – note, the cable/lock isn’t provided.

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plus iconHanging Velcro strap to keep your helmet elevated

plus iconCan be used to secure the bike as well

plus iconEasy to install


minus icon Doesn’t actually come with a lock – you’ll need your own cable

minus icon Quite expensive seeing as you also have to buy the lock

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ABUS Combiflex Cable Lock

A nifty combo lock that has an extendable cable – like a tape measure crossed with a padlock, with Abus quality.

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plus iconLooks solid and feels heavy

plus iconFour-digit pin makes it harder to pick


minus icon Quite chunky, though still pocket-sized

minus icon Cable isn’t enormously long

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