Right Handlebar Controls

Last Updated: 25th August 2020

CBT Element B Motorcycle Right Handlebar Controls

Engine cut-out switch

This is to stop the engine in an emergency. It shuts off all electrical circuits, so reducing fire risk in an accident. You operate it with your thumb.

When stopping the engine normally, use the ignition switch. You’re less likely to leave your keys in the ignition when leaving your motorcycle.

Electric starter

This is fitted in place of – or as well as – the kick starter.

To use it

  • Check that the cut-out switch is on
  • Switch the ignition on
  • Make sure that the gear selector is in neutral
  • Press the starter button

Front brake lever

This applies the brake to the front wheel. To use it squeeze the lever towards you. Use all the fingers on your right hand for maximum control and stopping power. The harder you squeeze, the harder you brake. To release the brake release the lever.

Accelerator (throttle)

The throttle controls the engine speed. It increases or decreases the amount of fuel delivered to the engine.

To speed up the engine twist the throttle towards you. To slow down the engine twist the grip away from you.

Most throttles will spring back to a closed position when released. In this position the engine should run at ‘idle’ or ‘tick-over’ speed.

Light switch

This can be found on either the left or right handlebar. It’s usually a 3 position switch

  • Off
  • Parking lights
  • Headlights

You must use dipped headlights when you need to see ahead or if you want others to see you. At night, or in poor visibility, you are legally required to use your headlamp.

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