Best Automatic Motorbikes for UK Riders



Automatic transmissions come in various forms but the result is the same: The rider doesn’t need to use a clutch in order for the bike to operate. 

Honda’s DCT (dual-clutch transmission) gives the rider the choice between shifting gears manually, using the trigger shifter on the handlebars, or selecting an automatic mode and letting the bike do it all for you.

Continuously variable transmissions (CVT) are the original automatic transmissions and have been used religiously in scooters and mopeds. Although, there are some exceptions where we have seen CVT transmissions in motorcycles. 

Electric motorcycles also operate with an automatic transmission. Twisting the throttle engages the battery to send power to the electric motors, which propels the bike forward. 

Regardless of the type of transmission, automatic motorcycles are great for riders who want to focus on riding and don’t want the hassle of a clutch. Fortunately, today there are some awesome motorcycles around to choose from. 

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Our Favourite Automatic Motorcycles

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing


  • Max power: 124 horsepower
  • Max torque: 170 Nm 
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Seat height: 29.3”
  • Curb weight: 804 lbs
  • RRP: £22,999

The Honda Gold Wing is an icon, a legend, a motorcycle whose legacy has exceeded what the original designers back in 1975 could have ever imagined. 

Nearly 50 years later, the Gold Wing is as strong, powerful, and comfortable as ever and providing riders with the ultimate long-distance touring experience wherever the road takes them. 

The styling of the new Gold Wing is fresh, modern, and a far cry from earlier models. 

As well as the styling, the tech is super modern. It has a full infotainment system with Apple Carplay or Android Auto, a 7” TFT display, the latest speaker system, GPS, and rider aids, such as Hill Start Control and Smart Key operation. 

Four riding modes optimise your ride for your riding style and road conditions. The on-board computer manages all the settings for you, drawing from the 124 hp and 170 Nm of torque so that you always have power at the ready. 

The DCT allows you to choose between fully automatic modes or the trigger shifter, if you want to take back some control of your riding experience. The Automatic Modes make long rides a breeze, so if you’re planning to cover some serious distance, you simply can’t go wrong with a Gold Wing.

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Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin


  • Max power: 93.8 horsepower
  • Max torque: 98 Nm 
  • Top speed: 118 mph
  • Seat height: 34.3”
  • Curb weight: 529 lbs
  • RRP: £13,049

Who would have thought an adventure bike with an automatic transmission option would be a good idea? Honda did and that is why the latest CRF1100L Africa Twin is equipped with a dual-clutch transmission. 

The Africa Twin is another bike with a lasting legacy formed out of the dual-sport bikes that dominated the Dakar Rally. The 2023 model takes direct styling cues from the CRF450 Rally. 

The model looks like it’s rolled off a racing podium and it has all the features you need for your own on- and off-road adventures. 

Low-down torque from the 1100cc engine, Showa long-travel suspension, and Cornering ABS with an off-road mode are just some of the standout features. 

Arguably the greatest highlight of this Africa Twin is the use of the six-speed DCT. You can have full control in manual mode to flick through the gears when off road, then switch to automatic mode for a smooth on-road experience.

The Africa Twin is up for everything and can truly go the distance across all terrain. 

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Honda CMX1100 Rebel

Honda Rebel


  • Max power: 86 horsepower
  • Max torque: 97 Nm 
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Seat height: 27.5”
  • Curb weight: 487 lbs
  • RRP: £9,599

In truly rebellious spirit, Honda has even extended their dual-clutch transmission to their big cruiser, the 1100 Rebel. 

Cruisers are known for their beefy V-twins, mechanical noise, roaring engines, and clunky gears that give a satisfying thump when you shift. 

The big Rebel goes against the grain in more than just name. It has blacked-out bobber aesthetics, muscular body, and aggressive lines, but it also has an impressively smooth engine. 

The DCT means you can switch to automatic mode and let the bike do the work for you while you sit back, relax, and do your best to look super tough.

Honda has upped the ante for the CMX1100 with a range of touring accessories, including luggage, a passenger backrest, and batwing style fairing. 

The CMX1100 is a far cry from the Honda Rebel 250 from the 1980s. It means business, whether solo riding around town or a weekend trip two-up. 

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Honda NC750X

Honda NC750X


  • Max power: 57 horsepower
  • Max torque: 69 Nm 
  • Top speed: 125 mph
  • Seat height: 31.6”
  • Curb weight: 472 lbs
  • RRP: £7,849

The Honda NC750X is a compact everyday adventure motorcycle, built to make every journey easy and comfortable, inspiring you to take the long way round to every destination. 

At the heart of the bike is a unique engine that was built in partnership with Honda’s automotive team, the result of which is an engine that is partly constructed using the Honda Jazz engine unit. 

The engine is incredibly smooth and offers excellent fuel economy. It isn’t going to blow you away with sheer power, but it will comply with anything and everything you ask of it. 

Thanks to its unique engine, the fuel tank sits low down under the seat, and the tank serves as a large storage space that can accommodate a full-face helmet.

There are three packs to choose from to set your ride up from the get-go: the adventure pack, urban pack, and travel pack. 

You can now also choose between a standard six-speed transmission with a slipper clutch, or elect for the DCT so you can slip into auto mode whenever you fancy it. 

Upright, comfortable, and easy to ride, with great fuel economy, the NC750X is the Swiss-army knife of motorcycles. It truly is a bike where the ‘one size fits all’ label rings true. 

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Honda NT1100

Honda NT1100


  • Max power: 100 horsepower
  • Max torque: 104 Nm 
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Seat height: 32.2”
  • Curb weight: 525 lbs
  • RRP: £12,499

Honda’s NT1100 is almost like the big brother of the NC750X. It is a bike that fits easily into a few categories depending on the needs of the rider. 

It most closely resembles a sports tourer, and with 100 hp and a top speed of 140 mph, that would be a fair assessment. However, the NT1100 is built for the urban commute just as much as it is for riding two-up across the country with full luggage. 

You get up to a 400-km range from the 20-litre tank, three preset riding modes and two custom-option modes. It has a large adjustable screen, wind deflectors, panniers, heated grips, a rear carrier, and a centre stand.

The NT1100 is ready to ride all year round in any weather condition, which makes it the perfect commuter. The same features that make it a great commuter make it an awesome long-distance tourer, and the powerful motor adds some sportiness into the mix too. 

DCT makes the most sense in bikes like the NT1100 for the convenience it provides on commutes and long rides. If riding in all weather and all road conditions, the ability to switch to auto mode and 100% focus on the road ahead is a massive advantage. 

Read our full Honda NT1100 Review.

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Zero Motorcycles SR/S

Zero Motorcycles SR_S


  • Max power: 110 horsepower
  • Max torque: 190 Nm 
  • Top speed: 124 mph
  • Seat height: 31”
  • Curb weight: 518 lbs
  • RRP: £23,995

Zero Motorcycles is one of the leading manufacturers of electric motorcycles. They have a wide lineup of electric bikes covering dual-sports, adventure bikes, sports bikes and off-roaders. 

The entire lineup uses electric motors with clutchless direct drive—in other words, all of Zero’s bikes are automatic. 

The SR/S is their sports-bike offering. It’s an awesome-looking street bike with an impressive 100 hp and 190 Nm of torque. 

Twisting the throttle unleashes the immense amount of torque which comes at break-neck speed and it is on tap right up to the red line. 

The SR/S definitely has a sporty edge, with fairing and a windscreen that you can tuck behind. However, the riding position is far more relaxed than a traditional sports bike. The bars are raised and pegs mid-mounted, so you’re riding upright in a neutral position. 

You can choose to extend your 187-mile (city) range with a power tank and install a rapid charger for quicker battery-recharge time. 

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Zero Motorcycles DSR/X

Zero Motorcycles DSR_X


  • Max power: 100 horsepower
  • Max torque: 225 Nm 
  • Top speed: 112 mph
  • Seat height: 32.6”
  • Curb weight: 544 lbs
  • RRP: £24,150

Zero’s adventure bike is the DSR/X and it does that job well. 

Every detail has been considered to ensure the DSR/X is fit for purpose. It is equipped with the largest battery pack, and you can upgrade with the power tank for even more range. 

As standard, you get an estimated 180 miles (city range) and can be fully charged back up in 60 minutes with a rapid charger. If you are out for an adventure ride on different terrain you may very well appreciate the rest after running out of juice. 

You sit into the DSR/X with the tank coming up in front of you and the bars at a nice easy-to-reach and wide position for maximum control. You also have good ground clearance and Showa suspension which is ready to tackle some off-road riding.

Zero have used Bosch combined brakes for the DSR/X and you can select off-road mode to turn the combined brakes off for full off-road control. 

For longer journeys, there is also 28 litres of storage built into various compartments on the bike.

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Energica EGO

Energica EGO


  • Max power: 171 horsepower
  • Max torque: 215 Nm 
  • Top speed: 150 mph
  • Seat height: 31.9”
  • Curb weight: 573 lbs
  • RRP: £28,290

The Energica EGO is the bike that even the most anti-electric bike advocates could get excited by. 

Energica is the very first Italian electric supersport manufacturer. Just one glance at the EGO and you can see the exotic Italian DNA running through it. The EGO looks every bit the supersport. It comes in a tri-colour red, green, and white version or blacked out with a red chassis. 

The Energica comes in two versions: the standard model and the RS model. 

The standard version has a 0–60 time of 2.8 seconds and the RS has a time of 2.6 seconds. Ultimately, both versions are super quick off the line and the 215 Nm of torque and 171 horsepower ensures linear, smooth, and fast acceleration all the way up to 150 mph. 

The EGO isn’t intended just to be a track weapon though. It comes with a very practical 420-km range and just a 40-minute charge. 

If you like to ride your Italian supersports out on the backroads at the weekend, the EGO is ready to go the distance and will be charged up by the time you have finished your coffee at the charge point. 

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Can-Am Ryker 600/900

Can-Am Ryker 600_900


  • Max power: 50/82 horsepower
  • Max torque: 49.7/79.1 Nm 
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Seat height: 23.6”/23,5”
  • Curb weight: 594/616 lbs
  • RRP: £11,793

The Can-Am Ryker strays off the path a little bit from a traditional motorcycle as it has three wheels, but we aren’t two-wheel biassed here, so we thought it only right to include it. 

The Ryker uses a continuously variable transmission and is equipped with a reverse function. You get a choice between a 600cc or 900cc Rotax engine, which is either a twin or triple cylinder. 

You can choose between three versions of the Ryker: the base model, sport model, and rally model. 

As you go up the Ryker range, you get a wider range of features and accessories:

  • Cruise control
  • More colour options
  • Improved suspension
  • Performance exhaust
  • Different riding modes, sport/rally mode
  • MAX mount options for luggage and passenger

Can-Am are actively working on electric motorcycles. Two of these models, the Pulse and Origin, are on the website listed as ‘coming soon’, so keep an eye out for those. 

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Harley Davidson Livewire

Harley Davidson Livewire


  • Max power: 124 horsepower
  • Max torque: 170 Nm 
  • Top speed: 140 mph
  • Seat height: 29.3”
  • Curb weight: 804 lbs
  • RRP: £22,999

The Harley Davidson Livewire debuted in 2019. Shortly after the release, Harley announced that their electric motorcycle range would be split into a separate company under the name Livewire. 

The UK is still awaiting the Livewire One’s release. However, some Harley dealers still have the Harley Livewire in stock new or secondhand. 

The HD Livewire was one of the most divisive releases in Harley’s history. 

Hardcore V-twin fans thought Harley had lost their mind and was straying too far off their path to remain authentic. Still, others were excited about one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers leading the charge for electric bikes, which we have all come to believe is the future. 

Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, the HD Livewire is a pretty cool motorcycle. Just set aside the HD branding and view it objectively. 

The Livewire’s 124 horsepower, 170 Nm of torque, and top speed of 140 mph are all pretty impressive performance specs. The bike has up to 170 km of range and any charging issues that were present on release have since been resolved.

If you want to see what the bikes are made of, watch Long Way Up with Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman, who rode two prototype Livewires 13,000 miles through South and Central America. 

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