Motorbike and Scooter Lessons



Whether riding a scooter, moped, or the latest 1000cc superbike there are many options when deciding which motorcycle lessons are the best fit for your riding needs.

From CBT to intensive direct access courses and even advanced riding lessons, the choices can be confusing.

To help you decide we have gathered together the various motorbike, moped, and scooter courses available in the UK and given a quick overview of each option below.

There are certain requirements for each course. Use this key to guide you.

Minimum AgeLicence RequirementTest Passes Required

New Rider Training Course


Looking for some very basic scooter lessons?

Many schools now offer a one hour taster session in a safe off road area.

If you are in any way nervous about riding or unsure if biking is for you these courses are a great way of learning the basics before committing to a course of full motorbike lessons.

Note you will need a provisional licence to take this course.

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Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)


This is the first motorbike or moped course most riders will do.

It is not a test as such but a training course designed to teach you a basic level of motorbike riding competence.

There is some classroom and theory work, followed by lessons in a safe off road area and finally an accompanied ride on the road.

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A1, A2 and Direct Access Courses


These motorbike lessons will prepare you for the MOD1 and MOD2 practical tests.

You will be taught the off road manoeuvres and also be given on road instruction via 2 way radio.

Most training schools will have special prices for a bundle of lessons or offer the option of paying per day of training.

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Residential Courses


Generally, this will involve doing intensive CBT to A licence lessons over the course of several days.

The training school will organise your accommodation.

Back to Biking


Also known as a motorcycle refresher course, these lessons are for people with a full licence who haven’t ridden for a while and need to brush up on their existing skills.

The course is usually a full day (although some schools will offer half day sessions) and will incorporate both off road and on road work with an individual instructor.

Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)


This is a DVSA assessment and training course designed to help motorcyclists improve their riding skills and become safer and more confident riders.

It consists of an initial assessment, followed by training in any areas of weakness that are identified.

On completion you will receive a certificate, this can be used to claim a discount on your motorbike insurance with most of the bigger insurance companies.

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Advanced Riding Course


Advanced motorbike lessons are offered by several organisations and generally focus on machine control, planning, cornering and safety.

For more information see our Advanced Rider Training Guide

Knee Down\Cornering Course


Several schools offer a knee-down course, this is for riders who want to improve their motorbike handling skills and get the knee down whilst cornering.

These skills can be learned by anyone from novice to expert but you must hold a full motorcycle licence to participate.