Best Ladies Motorcycle Boots For Protection and Comfort



Looking for motorcycle boots can be a real struggle.

Finding the right overall fit, calf size, boot length, comfort level, and style in one package is frustrating and time-consuming.

Let’s not forget that manufacturers have just started taking women’s motorcycle gear seriously; for years, we have had to put up with ill-fitting and uncomfortable ladies’ versions of men’s boots.

That is not the case anymore, and I have put this article together, sharing some of the best ladies’ motorcycle boots I could find.

Here are our top women’s motorcycle boots.

Best Premium Pick
Daytona Lady Star Daytona Lady Star

Comfortable, Waterproof, Exceptional Quality

Brilliant ladies boots that will provide years of miles with unrivalled comfort and quality.

Best Value Pick
RST  Urban llI Ladies RST Urban llI Ladies

Casual, Comfortable, Trainer-look

Traditionally styled leather waterproof boots that are practical and stylish.

Daytona Lady Star Gore-Tex Boots

Daytona is a German company that has been producing motorcycle boots since 1962.

There are over 80 production steps involved in making one pair of boots, with only the best materials selected. 120 different parts make one pair of boots, all of which are put together by hand.

What does all this mean? Well, simply put, they are pretty great.

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The Lady Stars have an integrated inner sole that raises the footbed by 2.5cm. This is perfect for shorter ladies or ladies on tall machines, giving them a little more reach to the floor.

Velcro adjusters and inner fasteners allow the boots to be adjusted per calf size for the perfect fit.

They are also loaded with anatomically correct ankle forms, shin protection and a steel inlay in the footbed.

They are also completely waterproof with a Gore-Tex membrane, which keeps water out and lets your feet breathe simultaneously.

I remember first trying on a pair of Lady Star boots. I was only doing so as they were the most expensive boots in the store, and I wanted to know if they were all that.

I will happily confirm they are. I wore them for the rest of the afternoon while doing my shift in the bike store.

The raised insole is perfect from a comfort perspective as it is moulded to how our feet are meant to be supported, so it is perfectly natural and doesn’t feel too strange.

Daytona has one of the best repair systems I have ever dealt with. More than once, I witnessed 5-10-year-old boots being sent back to Daytona in Germany to be repaired with a new waterproof lining or to be resoled.

If my boots last 5-10 years before any problems and can be repaired again, I would suggest the initial outlay is well worth the money.


  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Raised inner sole
  • Long-life


  • Expensive
  • Warm in the Summer

TCX Lady Blend Waterproof Boots – Vintage Brown

These vintage brown TCX boots are a breath of fresh air in a market consumed by boring black boots and win the most stylish boot award in my book, although they also come in black.

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TCX have created a boot for ladies that is retro-inspired. It is the perfect boot for those cafe-racer bike riders that want a boot that looks great on and off the bike.

It isn’t just style over substance, though. The toe/heel counter and ankle insert provide solid protection, and the extra piece of leather acting as a shift pad means you won’t wear through the boots anytime soon.

The footbed is replaceable when it wears out, and the rubber outer sole provides excellent grip.

Comfort wins out among reviewers, with many saying they often wear the boots as regular boots when out and about, and the waterproof liner is a great touch also noted as effective.

My one gripe when I tried a pair of these on was they are not very easy to get into. An ankle zip would be the perfect solution to make this process easier.

In kevlar ladies’ jeans or leggings, it’s not so bad as you have a bit more flexibility, but I imagine it would leave you a bit out of breath and frustrated with textile or leather trousers.


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Ankle and Toe protection
  • Waterproof


  • Bit challenging to put on could do with an ankle zip to make this easier

Alpinestars SMX-6 V2

Alpinestars are an Italian manufacturer producing racing performance gear since the 1960s.

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The SMX-6 boots are track and street performance boots built to very high standards for comfort and protection.

There is protection in all necessary zones, including calf, heel, shin, ankle and toe sliders for those who plan to lean their bike as far as possible.

There is also a steel shank in the insole for overall foot protection.

Comfort-wise, these boots are as comfy as racing boots can get, with supple leather, mesh air vents and panels deliberately integrated to give you plenty of flex.

A removable footbed can be washed, a breathable liner keeps your feet nice and cool, while the suede material keeps the foot from slipping inside the boot.

The key thing here is to order at least one size up as they come up small, further to which the sizing around the calf is exceptionally small.

The idea is that the boots are built to the female form, which is brilliant; however, they seem to exclude many women who are not Italian models.


  • Great for the track and sports riding
  • Comfortable and excellent leather
  • Exceptional protection


  • Sizing comes up very small
  • Not waterproof

RST Ladies Urban 2 Boots

These RST high-tops trainer-style boots are a good casual option at a very reasonable price.

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The boots are CE certified with a triple-density foam arch support for added comfort and memory foam ankle protection.

Abrasion resistance comes from full-grain cowhide leather with mesh panelling for breathability.

You may find them quite thick and heavy compared to regular trainers, so you need to remind yourself that they are actually riding boots.

Probably not the best option in the Winter or for long-distance riding, but will make an ideal Summer riding boot.

I have a love/hate relationship with RST because they make some excellent riding gear but let themselves down when it comes to sizing.

I recommend going up at least one size as these boots are heavily padded, so do come up small.


  • Great Value
  • Casual look
  • Comfortable with arch support


  • Not waterproof
  • Hit and Miss on sizing

Forma Ladies ADV Tourer Boots

ADV/Touring boots are one of my biggest bugbears.

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Traditionally they are heavy, stiff, awkward, a nightmare to get on, and a nuisance for gear changing.

Well, I am prepared to eat humble pie for Forma’s offering to the category as their ladies ADV Tourer boots are simply brilliant.

Comfort is second to none, with memory foam padding used for the sole, padded front and rear collar, flex and anti-shock midsole, and a waterproof/breathable liner topped off with an antibacterial insole.

If you plan on putting some miles on the bike in these boots, all of those comfort features will be very noticeable and appreciated.

A lower buckle strap and a hook and loop closure allow you to adjust to suit and make sure the boots are a perfect fit.

TPU shin and ankle protection are fitted, and the touring compound rubber sole provides sturdiness and instils a feeling of stability on all surfaces.

The running theme with boots seems to be to go up a size, and there is no exception made here.

However, reviewers who have done this said that once the boots arrived in a bigger size, they were the perfect comfortable fit.


  • Waterproof Drytex Lining
  • Quality Construction
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to get on and off


  • Come up small

Buyers Guide

There are just a few simple things to consider when buying motorcycle boots.

If you are clear on these things, the buying process is much simpler, and you will end up with a pair of boots that do exactly what you need them to do.

Here are my top tips for buying ladies’ boots:

Do you need them to be waterproof?

If yes, aim for a pair of boots with a reputable branded waterproof liner such as Gore-Tex.

Don’t just go for a pair of boots that say ‘waterproof liner’, as any substantial rainfall and you may end up very disappointed.

There are different grades of ‘waterproof’, and Gore-Tex is tested to a much higher standard.

Gore-Tex lined boots have to withstand the equivalent of 300km of walking while immersed for 80hours up to the ankles in water. To pass the test, there must not be a single drop of water inside the boot.


Motorcycle boots have a vital job, and it is much more than just protecting your feet from the elements; their real purpose is to protect your feet from damage in the event of an accident.

Racing-style boots usually have a substantial amount of protection, with a steel shank in the sole, toe sliders, ankle armour, and shin and heel armour.

It is not uncommon to find track boots with a steel plate above the toe area.

ADV/Touring boots will also have a lot of protection, the same as track boots minus the toe sliders, and they are usually a bit taller up the leg. They also tend to be substantially more padded and heavier.

With ADV motorcycles being able to go off-road, the heavy construction of this style of boot is there to protect riders’ feet and legs should they drop the bike.

The best materials for protective armour will be kevlar, carbon and D30 type memory foam specifically produced for impacts.

Some manufacturers will pad boots with foam padding and a thin plastic disc at the ankle. These offer little to no protection and should be avoided.

It is always best, at a minimum, to go with a boot with ankle protection and a robust sole (ideally with a steel inlay).

Longer-length boots should offer more abrasion resistance protection and shin protection, whereas short boots will be lacking on that front.

The last and often overlooked factor with motorcycle boots is ensuring they have a good grippy outer sole – that is oil-resistant.

A motorcycle boot with a good sole will help prevent you dropping the bike as a result of your foot slipping out when stationary. It will also help you keep a firm grip on the pegs and controls.

Softer soles will give you more grip but wear out more quickly, and harder soles will last longer but often have less grip.

Track boots commonly have stiff soles, which is great if you mainly ride on the track. Otherwise, you should look for a boot with a more street-ready softer rubber sole.

What sort of riding do you do?

If you are on a sports bike and do track days, then track boots will be most suitable as opposed to short trainer style or ADV boots.

Do you do a lot of different riding all year? Then maybe a durable pair of boots with waterproof and long-lasting shin protection will be the best option.

Only plan on riding in the Summer for short day trips? Trainer/Casual boots might be the way to go.

You get what you pay for

It is that simple. With most motorcycle gear across the board, the quality of the kit you get will vary with what you spend.

There are bargains on the market that offer great value. However, to expect them to last several riding seasons without fail would be unreasonable.


Plan to wear your boots off the bike and do a lot of walking around? Then comfort will be key. Big ADV boots won’t work, and neither will track-style boots.

Long boots or short boots? Well, what are you most comfortable wearing? If you struggle to find long boots comfortable as they struggle around your calves, then ankle-style boots may be a better shout.

Want a little extra height to give you an advantage on the bike? Then boots with a thick sole or raised footbed will serve you well.

Also, see our guide to the best motorcycle trainers.


I love the Daytona Lady Stars and think they are a worthy investment for all riding styles, comfort and longevity. You only need to try a pair on to find out for yourself.

However, they are on the premium end of the spectrum and could be overkill for a casual Summer rider; in this case, the RST Urban 2 boots are a perfect choice, and I would definitely add a pair to my arsenal.


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