Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets: Iconic Characters From a Galaxy Far Far Away



Whatever your thoughts on the visually-impressive but (for this writer) narratively unfulfilling latest trilogy, a new hope has been born in the excellent TV series, The Mandalorian.

It’s reminded us of how Star Wars inspired our love of late 1970s and early 1980’s motorcycle design – and how the speeder bike chase scene on Endor made us want to go tearing around the woods like never before.

To celebrate, we’re looking at a few highlights from Star Wars official collaboration with HJC to produce quality Star Wars helmets in the likeness of some iconic characters from a galaxy far far away…

HJC RPHA 11 Boba Fett

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The RPHA 11 is a high-performance fibreglass, carbon fibre, and aramid helmet with some of HJC’s finest aerodynamics, ventilation, and safety features.

It also makes its wearer look uncannily like Boba Fett, fulfilling the childhood fantasies of an estimated 87% of male riders over 40.

And while all the helmets on our list look cool, the difference in form factor between them and the movie prop they’re based on makes a true likeness difficult. Boba Fett’s helmet wasn’t that dissimilar to a motorcycle helmet, and with a stunning paint job, this thing looks like the real deal.

So what about the riding features?

Well, HJC’s proprietary tool-less windshield removal and installation system is present, as is the dual-locking system to keep the windshield locked in place, even under racing conditions.

It’s not something we care to focus on, but emergency quick-release cheek pads make things easy for ambulance crews in the event of an accident.

The viewing angle is wider than a standard racing/touring helmet and ships with both a dark smoke shield and anti-fog insert installed.

HJC’s multi-cool interior lining and the helmet’s excellent and relatively silent ventilation system keep this feeling cool and dry even in the hottest UK weather.


  • plus iconTop-end helmet in terms of safety and comfort
  • plus iconLooks like the source material at a glance


  • minus icon No missile or grappling hook touch controls

HJC CS-15 StormTrooper

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This polycarbonate helmet is aimed at a budget-conscious rider who still wants something that looks right and has decent safety features.

If not quite as high-performance as the Boba Fett helmet, the CS-15 is still a lightweight helmet with 2 shell sizes and a confirmed comfortable fit for most riders.

It ships with a Clear UV protected windshield and Pinlock installed and uses the same tool-less quick-release system as the rest of the HJC range. Washable Nylex lining and a well-designed, quiet ventilation system keep this cool and comfortable.

HJC CS-15 Star Wars - Storm Trooper

The form factor of a Storm Trooper’s helmet strays a little too far from a motorcycle helmet’s shape to make this look identical. But they’ve done pretty well, with the paint job on the chin guard tricking the eye into seeing proportions closer to the iconic movie helmet.


  • plus iconQuality helmet based on the tried-and-tested CS-14
  • plus iconUnderstated Star Wars vibe


  • minus icon No “Die, rebel scum” voice samples

HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader Star Wars Helmet

HJC R-PHA 90 Star Wars - Darth Vader

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Did we mention before how merging the fantastical, sometimes impractical elements of movie design with the limitations imposed on safe motorcycle helmet production can make it hard to achieve a good likeness?

Well, enter the Vader helmet. It’s modular because of course, it’s modular. How else could you make a helmet steeped in the kind of Saturday-morning mystery as Darth Vader’s?

We imagine it’d be a lot of fun to show up in this for the first time and pause for a dramatic moment before lifting the front to reveal who’s underneath.

It’d be cool if the mechanism made some kind of pneumatic decompression sound, but at least it’s a robust and durable one-touch system, easily reached by either hand.

HJC R-PHA 90 Star Wars - Darth Vader

Apart from its killer looks, this helmet also offers the kind of comfort and versatility of a typical touring helmet. Excellent ventilation, an integrated sun visor (with 3 positions), and compatibility with HJC’s comms system are present.

One benefit of modular helmets is that their smaller opening usually makes them quieter than standard full-face helmets. That’s certainly the case here. With an extended neckroll, the RPHA 90 is quiet for its class.

This uses the same PIM + construction as the Boba Fett helmet, meaning it’s constructed of fibreglass, carbon fibre, and aramid to maintain its high performance-weight ratio. 3 shell sizes and two liners help you dial in a perfect fit.


  • plus iconComfortable, well-built modular helmet
  • plus iconLightweight
  • plus iconQuiet


  • minus icon Doesn’t change our voice or make the breathing sound


HJC FG-70S Star Wars X-Wing Rebel Fighter

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This one might be of limited appeal in the UK market on account of the weather. But for Star Wars fans who wear open-face helmets in the summer months, this might be the most recognisable, instantly-iconic helmet on our list.

Its shape, colour scheme, detailed paintwork and patina, and correct-to-the-movies drop-down orange visor will probably inspire you to listen to the John Williams theme at least once while riding through a city at night.

Underneath all of the aesthetic charm is HJC’s usual commitment to building high-performance helmets at competitive price points.

It uses the same polycarbonate construction as the Storm Trooper helmet and features washable, removable Supercool moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry in hot weather.

This is an excellent open-face helmet and is regularly seen on sale. It won’t be for everyone in the UK, but this is an excellent choice for those into open-face helmets.


  • plus iconLooks amazing
  • plus iconQuality construction


  • minus icon It’s open-face

HJC CS-MX II Star Wars – Rebel X-Wing

HJC CS-MX II Star Wars - Rebel X-Wing

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This one isn’t inspired by any particular character but seems to borrow some aesthetics and colorways from the latest trilogy. Either way, it’s a well-regarded off-road helmet with the associated wide viewing angle, visor, and superior goggle fit.

This features the same polycarbonate construction as the X-Wing and Storm Trooper helmets and is lightweight at this price point.

The fit is comfortable, with enough space in front to allow for increased breathing without fogging up or overheating. It uses a removable, washable Nylex lining with antibacterial treatment.

HJC CS-MX II Star Wars - Rebel X-Wing

The ventilation system is what you’d expect from a motocross helmet:


These kinds of helmets are built to perform in conditions much hotter and requiring more effort than a typical commute. It feels plush, well- ventilated and dry, even in the kind of high-stress situations motocross riders put themselves in.


  • plus iconQuality helmet at a reasonable price


  • minus icon Doesn’t quite look as cool as the others on our list


There you have it – a few quality Star Wars helmets made by a reputable manufacturer. If you want to represent your fandom while riding, may the force be with you.

And if you want to buy the Boba Fett one to hang it on your wall, we can kind of understand that too.