Over 60% of serious motorcycle accidents on UK roads are at least partially caused by other road users not seeing the motorcycle (i.e. not looking carefully enough). Don’t put your life in their hands - RIDE DEFENSIVELY.

The Beginner's Guide To Riding A Motorcycle

Motorcycle Training – The Beginner’s Guide:

It is our intention to tell you everything need to know about learning to ride a motorcycle, obtaining your motorcycling licence, passing the motorcycle test and the laws on riding a motorcycle we will also give you advice on buying a used bike.

You can also use our Training Directory to find your closest motorcycle training centre.

If you are looking to buy a learner legal bike one of our Dealers should be able to advise you on the correct bike for your abilities and budget.

To become a motorcyclist riding without L plates on UK roads these are the steps you must ( -or- should ) take.